Amazing Technology

Intraoral-Scanning-Photo Intraoral Scanning

Heard about gooey dental impressions? With the new intraoral scanners, we can eliminate the need for impressions most of the time. With an accurate scan of the teeth and mouth, we have a digital record that can be used for treatment planning or in the lab for fabricating retainers or other appliances.



Treatment-Planning-Photo-B Digital Treatment Planning

With all the advances in computer technology, digital photography and 3D radiography, we can now treatment plan cases on the computer and predict outcomes, even in 3D.





3D-Printing-Photo-A 3D Printing

3D printed models are replacing plaster models and that same technology is being used to print plastic splints and retainers. As 3D metal printing improves, it won’t be long before we will be printing metal retainers and appliances.